Mighty Mainframe
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Tobias Leicher

IT Architect, Specialist for CICS and zChampion for Modernization

As the first guest to be featured on „Fireside chats“, a part of our Mighty Mainframe series, Tobias might already be a familiar face to some.

Starting off as a student and earning his bacherors while working at IBM, his talent is undeniable. Now going strong for well over a decade, his work focuses on helping his clients get the best out of their mainframe.

A recognized expert in modern technologies on IBM Z, Tobias has his eyes on the ever-evolving IT landscape. Despite considering mainframe to be the most powerful of all technologies, he still takes his time to acknowledge and welcome new trends, all while finding a way to make them work together.

Tobias is not one to be microphone shy, apart from being a guest on “Fireside chats”, he was also a guest on the podcast – “Mainframe – What the Heck?” where he’s been going strong and covering a wide range of mainframe topics for over three years.