Mighty Mainframe

Why Mighty Mainframe Conference

Mainframe topics have been a part of QED for a long time. Recently we sensed the passion and new energy in the mainframe community, so we decided to organize Mighty Mainframe as a conference-within-a-conference at QED.

How it started?

Mighty Mainframe Conference was inspired by the same-name newsletter by CROZ’s board member Kresimir Mudrovcic. Mighty Mainframe newsletter was first published in the summer of 2023 and it offers a comprehensive exploration of modernizing mainframe technology to its readers. Acknowledging the past isolation of mainframes, the newsletter addresses the current shift in focus, where organizations are seeking ways to maximize the benefits of mainframe technology while seamlessly integrating it into modern enterprise frameworks.

The newsletter serves as an independent and valuable source of information for all mainframers, covering diverse topics related to mainframe modernization. That’s why we decided to organise a conference about topics we have been writing about for the past year.

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Mainframe Modernization

We are going to speak about mainframe modernization and the skills gap, because we believe those are the hottest topics in the mainframe community. Mainframe modernization means different things to different people. It has long been synonymous with gradual, evolutionary progress. However, the concept of modernization has broadened and gained momentum. Most of today’s enterprises have opted for in-place modernization with a hybrid cloud strategy. It usually includes enhancing mainframe applications and optimizing infrastructure, adding integration capabilities, and adopting common enterprise DevOps processes and tools, while preserving existing applications and data.

Expert insights

Are you looking for expert insights into mainframe computing? Learn from the best in the field, like Rosalind Radcliffe and Tobias Leicher, who are real practitioners, not white-collar consultants. They will share their experience and knowledge on how to modernize, optimize, and secure your mainframe applications and infrastructure. You will also discover how mainframe computing is evolving and adapting to the rapidly changing IT landscape, and how you can leverage its power for your business

expert insights

Learn & Grow

The Mighty Mainframe Conference covers a wide range of topics, from application modernization and cloud integration to cybersecurity and DevOps on the mainframe. Setting up DevOps processes and tools on the mainframe, integrating the mainframe into hybrid cloud and API-Economy, exploring the implementation of machine learning and learning how to effectively address the skills gap challenge – these are the main concerns that trouble mainfamers today. The goal of the conference is to help mainframe professionals stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices and to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Promote your vision

You know we choose our speakers and audience wisely, making sure you get the most for the trust you provide us with. If you want to support the idea and knowledge exchange while enjoying the networking among the inspiring IT and business managers, engineers and leaders, you can choose whether you would like to do it as a sponsor. Feel free to reach us at qed@croz.net and hear more about different partnership options, just note that it is for the Mighty Mainframe Conference.