Mighty Mainframe
Dots 2

Armin Kramer

IBM Champion and Software Engineer at DATEV

A mainframe maestro, or as he likes to call himself, a mainframe „fanboy“, Armin’s journey started over 30 years ago.

Starting out with Assembly and COBOL and then attempting to venture into Oracle, Java and SAS, Armin just couldn’t find it in himself to resist the charm of the mainframe world. We guess the old saying proves right here– you always go back to your first love.

As an integral part of the Datev team for over 10 years now, Armin always strives for modernisation first. Also bringing a bit of prestige to the party, his role as an IBM Champion makes him the perfect person to transform the „old, boring mainframe“ as he puts it, into a lively show filled with passion, experience and knowledge.