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Manuel Jaen

WW Modernization for System Z platform Strategy Leader

Manuel leads the IBM strategy to drive continuous improvement and modernization in IBM Z as part of the Hybrid Cloud. Focus in demonstrating the importance of the value of keeping the IBM Z modern and current for the clients embarked on a Hybrid Cloud Journey. His focus has been on bringing cloud value to Z in addition to Z value to cloud. Manuel actively collaborates with major Global Systems Integrators to promote and develop good practices for modernization working closely with partners, vendors and open source communities bringing best-of-breed patterns for IBM Z modernization.

During the last 25+ years at IBM, Manuel has held numerous other roles in IBM Consulting, IBM Technology. As an IBMer Manuel has experience in several industries from Financial Services to Federal and Local Government, on both sides of the Atlantic. Prior to his current role, Manuel was the Client Technical Architect for 4 major financial services firms in the USA.