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Thomas Liechti

Director at UBS

When he’s not busy playing the guitar with his Hardrock Coverband, Thomas Liechti handles a few different roles. 

His path upwards has been steady, picking up steam consistenly he has become a director at UBS while simultaneously functioning as a Distinguished Engineer, COBOL Developer and Chapter lead, as well as being a teacher for COBOL’s apprenticeship training program called IT-Way-Up.

Being quite busy with a full plate on his hand, he always finds the time to dedicate himself to Mainframes, DevOps practices and COBOL, and if you think that his plate couldn’t get any fuller you’d be mistaken. Thomas is also a chairman of GSE Working Group CH working towards the modernisation of mainframe. A wealth of industry knowledge combined with his guitar teaching experience makes Thomas the perfect person to rock the stage at QED 2024.